Online Applying Admission Application Form

 Apply On-Line (B.Sc./B.A./B.Com.) for session:2016-19  
 Re-Print  Application Form  (B.Sc./B.A./B.Com.) for session:2016-19  
   Date of Announcement : Closed
   Last Date of Applying Up Form : Closed
   Last Date of Buy Coupon : Closed

 Apply On-Line (I.Sc./I.A./I.Com.) for session:2017-19  
 Re-Print  Application Form  (I.Sc./I.A./I.Com.) for session:2017-19  
   Date of Announcement : CLOSED
   Last Date of Applying Up Form : CLOSED
   Last Date of Buy Coupon : CLOSED

 Apply On-Line (M.Sc./M.A.) for session:2018-20  
Reprint of PG Form For Session 2018-20  
   Date of Announcement : 20/02/2019
   Last Date of Applying Up Form : 09/03/2019
   Last Date of Buy Coupon : 09/03/2019